<p>ABOUT US</p> <p><strong>International equestrian results service</strong></p> <p>HorseTelex Results provides all results of all FEI events (show jumping, dressage, eventing) on a daily basis and on a global scale. Sorted for events and for individual classes you will find the complete result containing all horses and their pedigrees and all riders. Up to date! The results will be published on HorseTelex Results and HorseTelex Pedigree *) as soon as possible after the completion of a class.</p> <p><em>What are the costs of this service?</em><br /> All results are being published for free.</p> <p><em>Do I find the results on HorseTelex Pedigree?</em><br /> Yes, in the pedigree of the horse you&rsquo;ll find a link to all its results.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>The HorseTelex ALERT SYSTEM<br /> Follow all results of any horse of your choice and don&rsquo;t give it any effort!<br /> Stop searching. Never miss a result. </strong><strong>Receive up to date information without delay. And complete overviews.</strong></p> <p><em>What is the &lsquo;HorseTelex alert system&rsquo; and how does it work?</em><br /> Subscribers receive e-mail alerts of any horse which appears on any result of any FEI competition throughout the world (show jumping, dressage, eventing). It&rsquo;s an automatic system to which everybody can subscribe.</p> <p>You can create your own &lsquo;alert list&rsquo; of horses you wish to follow in show jumping, dressage or eventing. You will receive an alert of any result of any horse on your list by e-mail. The results will also be listed in the overview which you will find in your personal account.</p> <p><em>How do I benefit from the &lsquo;alert system&rsquo;?</em><br /> You don&rsquo;t any longer need to search. No more googling! Never anymore you&rsquo;ll &lsquo;loose&rsquo; a horse competing at FEI events somewhere in the world. For you there&rsquo;s no effort. We follow all international FEI events throughout the world for you and report all results of your horses instantaneously.</p> <p><em>What does it cost and how do I pay?</em><br /> The option to create an alert list costs 25 &euro; per year. The number of horses on your alert list is unlimited. You can pay by iDEAL or PayPal.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>